Ways of Avoiding Wars

An Obligation for the Citizenry

Do you know that proffering solution to war issues can be a citizen’s obligation? Have you ever thought that you as a citizen, can in no small measure see reasons with the fact that wars are not best of solutions when it comes to establishing peace as an end result to the process? We shall be discussing the real truths on why there is a need for us to avoid wars and ways in why we can proffer non-violent, “non-war” solutions which will bring peace and help make conflict resolutions less tedious.

Killing innocent humans is one of the cruelest activities humans inflict on one another. It can be so disheartening coupled with the realization of the fact that you as an individual play a role consciously or unconsciously in supporting this act. Whether you like it or not, your participation in this is unavoidable and it will be of much benefit if you are aware.

You could be indirectly funding wars and conflicts in your immediate vicinity or in the world at large. You could be doing this through monetary contributions; where a fraction of your penny goes to funding of this mishap or justifying those in power who do such in your name and my name.

It is shocking to realize that atrocities like this are done through us in some way and we do not dare to see a need for opting for a change in handling issues diplomatically rather than supporting the idea of killing an innocent victim. We have got to bear in mind that our taxes act a way of literally funding the murder of massive amounts of humans and justification of our leaders who put this act to reality show our connivance with this mayhem.

Five Ways of Avoiding Wars

We are highlighting some possible measures we as individuals should implement in order to prevent wars from erupting, bearing in mind that this can be a citizen obligation or activity.
Educating yourself about the issue

Before eradicating the issue which is the terror at hand, we have got to be prudent enough to know what causes it, what has been done to resolve issues in the past and how successful or unsuccessful the attempts have been. For instance, America’s “War on Terrorism” seems to be focused exclusively on the movement that apparently spawned the perpetrators of the Sept. 11 attacks: radical, violent, fringe conservative Sunni Muslims, from an area that stretches geographically from Northwest Africa to Southeast Asia.

Learning more about history helps you as an individual a lot better because you tend to be more grounded with what originated in the past that brought about these disputes. Having a fair knowledge of culture, religions and economies of those parts of the world e.g. the West’s historic and current religious, military, political and economic relationships with them and with Islam and how those conditions have contributed to poverty, hatred and at times religious fanaticism which today, is becoming a norm.
Being More Tolerant of Other Religions

Having a more harmonious relationship with the Islamic world is paramount if we intend to sustain peace and understanding. This is the attitude we should have with all cultures and religions. Currently, our inability to develop a more tolerable relationship with our Islamic brothers creates the bridge between the Western world and the Islamic World. The more we develop common interest with the Islamic world, the less they will seem strange and threatening and the more we will recognize each other as individuals and as humans.

Air your View

Picking up courage in airing your view is another step you will need to make the world around you empathize with your perspective about need for peace.. Talk with relatives, colleagues, classmates and neighbors, also listening from them is pivotal since communicating goes along with listening. Call in to radio and television talk shows. Write letters to the editor and opinion articles for your local community newspaper.

Raise money for the Third World

Raising money for countries whose poverty could be reason for terrorism. Bear in mind that an idle man who is hungry is vulnerable to doing evil deeds and so applies to a more economically just world will be one with less terror. Being a philanthropist is also one way you could easily reach out to the third world community. Also, you can organize events for your community to contribute their quota to developing the third world environment.

Reclaim patriotism

Bear in mind that disagreeing with your government’s proposed strategies isn’t treason but the most effective way of participating diplomatically in a nation’s democracy. Just because you do not agree with the government’s practices or how they spend tax payers’ money, it does not mean you are betraying the president. Know that you are doing these for the love of yourself, community and the entire country at large. You are speaking because you care. Violence is not the answer – in the end it will be held up as a reason to do harm in turn.

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